2014 issues 2 number 3

The Effectiveness of Relaxation on Mother’s Stress with Hyperactive Children

Samereh Kia Zarmani, Yarali Dousti

Page No: 1-7                    
The Effect of NEO Personality Trait on Adherence in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Mona Nemati, Seyed Mousa Golestaneh, Yousef Dehghani

Page No: 8-13                    
Role of Personality Traits and Spiritual Intelligence in Predicting Work Performance of School Principals

Azimeh Motakallem

Page No: 14-18                    
The Role of Victim\'s Family in Retaliation, in Imami and Khamse Religions

Teimoor mohamadi

Page No: 19-23                    
Decreasing the Vulnerability of Society by Nutritional Programming during Unexpected Disasters Based On GIS

Jamal Mohammadi, Ehsan Khayambashi, Hajar Namazi

Page No: 24-29                    
A Study on the Aptitude of Iran Provinces for Tourism, Using TOPSIS Method

Masoud Taghvaei, Ehsan Khayambashi

Page No: 30-36                    
A Study on The Focus Centers of Goods Trafficking in City of Zanjan Using GIS Case and Crime Analysis

Jamal Mohammadi, Ehsan Khayambashi

Page No: 37-44                    
Predicting the Housing Situationo Medium and Long-Term Prospects in Province of Hormozgan

Jamal Mohammadi, Ehsan Khayambashi

Page No: 45-57                    
Reciprocal Rural-Urban Relations and Pendular Movements in Peripheral Settlements around the City Of Zanjan

Jamal Mohammadi, Ehsan Khayambashi

Page No: 58-64                    
Analysis of Temporal-Spatial Patterns of Crimes of Drug Trafficking and Abuse in the Central Part of Kermanshah City

Jamal Mohammadi, Ehsan Khayambashi

Page No: 65-71                    

2014 issues 2 number 3
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