2014 issues 2 number 1

The Analysis on Relationship among Organizational Justice and Intellectual Capital in Vali-E-Asr Hospital in Noorabad Mamasani (Iran)

Alireza Mooghali, Godarzi Farzaneh, Mohammadi Akbar

Page No: 1-4                    
The Study of The Relationship Between The Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction

Mostafa Bakhtiari, Majid NodehFarahani, Hadi Behdad

Page No: 5-11                    
Relationship of Difficulties in Emotion Regulation with Perceived Stress in Male and Female Students of Islamic Azad University, Ayatollah Amoli Branch

Khadijeh Kazemi Haji, Ali Asghar Bayani, Bahram Mirzaian

Page No: 12-15                    
A Contrastive Analysis of Address Terms in Farsi and English (Based on Theory of Politeness)

Samaneh Dadmehr, Azadeh Sharifi Moghaddam

Page No: 16-24                    
A Comparison between Maladaptive Schemas, Personality Disorders, and Social Intimacy in Delinquent Adolescents and Normal Adolescents of Golestan Province

Sodeh Refaei, Ali Hosseinaiy, Ardeshir Asadi

Page No: 25-28                    
Relation between Personality Traits, Emotional Creativity, and Life Expectancy in Divorced Women and Normal Women of Golestan Province

Mehri Navaei, Ali Hosseinaiy, Ardeshir Asadi

Page No: 29-33                    
Aneurysmatic Osseus Cyst of the Mandible (A Case Report)

Faranak Moradi Abbasabadi

Page No: 34-37                    
Effectiveness of Therapy Based on Teaching Choice Theory on Reduction of Negative Emotional Reactions between Couples with Marital Conflicts

Mahsa Akbari, Fatemeh dinarvand

Page No: 38-41                    
Effect of Play Therapy To Reduce The Emotional Problems of The Kid in Primary School in Shoosh Daniel County

Fatemeh Dinarvand, Mahsa Akbari

Page No: 42-45                    
Title Political Relations between Iran and Russia in the Era of Naseredin Shah Ghaja

Fatemeh Hossein Khorasani

Page No: 46-50                    

2014 issues 2 number 1
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