2014 issues 1 Number 2

Studying the Effect of the Adaption of Packaging Shape and Color on Customers Buying Decision in Goods Drinks

Mohammad Mahmoudi Meymand, Somayeh Mohammad Nejad

Page No: 1-5                    
Studying of the Relationship between the Employee Communication Needs and Communication Styles

Majid Nili, Nooshin Tavasoli

Page No: 6-11                    
The Effect of Multi-Functional Spaces on the Acceptability of Open Spaces of University Campuses from the Students Points of View

Saeed Azemati, Farhang Mozaffar, Seyed Bagher Hosseini, Hamed Hayaty

Page No: 12-19                    
Identifying the Natural Powers and their Role in the Occurrence of Natural Hazards of Roudsar City

Gholamreza Aghajanian Malati, Rafat Shahmari

Page No: 20-27                    
The Examination of Physics\' Philosophy and its Effects on Teaching

Farahnaz Kiani

Page No: 28-31                    
Studding the Effects and Nature of Inheritance and Alimony of Natural Children in Iran’s Rights and Imamiyeh Jurisprudence

Akram Azmal, Reza Partovi Zadeh, Fatemeh Panahi, Mohammad Asghari Hesamiyeh

Page No: 32-37                    
The Effect of Treatment Environments on the Process of Recovery and Treatment of Mental Patients

Faezeh TavasoliAra, Mahyar Motaghed, Saeedeh Bashiri, Javad Almasi

Page No: 38-43                    
The Impacts of Adoption in the Jurisprudence and the Act for Protection of Orphan Children or the Children with Irresponsible Parents, Approved In 2013

Zafari Mozhdeh

Page No: 44-50                    
Office Automation, Job Motivation, and Need for Achievement in Sports and Youth Departments of the Kerman Province

Vahid Karimzade, Malikeh Beheshtifar

Page No: 51-56                    
Arch Tourism and Its Effect On Attract Tourism in Iran

Ramin farshidfar, Armin akhavan, Hamid khani

Page No: 57-61                    

2014 issues 1 Number 2
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