2015 issues 1 number 3

Convention of Children Rights and Iran Reservation Right

Seyed Jafar Husseini

Page No: 1-7                    
The Quality of Urban Open Space for Seniors Case Khuzestan Cities

Sharareh Mahinrousta, Ahmadreza Kaboli, Fateme Ramezan Zade

Page No: 8-17                    
Study the Causes Affecting Value of Cash Holdings in Organization

Mohammad Nazari Hoseinabad, Afrasyab Hosseinzadeh, Mahdi Sufian

Page No: 18-22                    
71 Study of Justice from Saeb Tabrizi Perspective

Zohreh Zeinolabedinzadeh, Kamran Pashaei Fakhri

Page No: 23-27                    
A Survey on Service Quality of the Sport facilities of the Physical Education and Sports Sciences Faculty of the Guilan University and Students’ Needs Assessment Based on SERVQUAL-KANO Model

Mehrali Hemmatinezhad, Mohammad Hasan Gholizadeh, Sepideh Shabani

Page No: 28-39                    
Calculation of Topological Entropy on Lie Groups

Afsoon Goodarzian

Page No: 40-49                    
The Relationship between Leadership Styles of Coaches with satisfaction of football Players in Teraktorsazi Club (Tabriz, Iran)

Pasha Pashazadeh, Mehr Ali Hematinejad

Page No: 50-54                    
Geodesics in TERPS Procedure Design

M. Reza Bagheri, Ali Bahremand, Ali Heydarizade, H. Reza Azadi, Afsoon Goodarzian

Page No: 55-73                    
Determination of Flood Amount Design in Irrigation Network and Drainage of Shabankareh Plain, Iran

Mehdi Evazzadeh, Dr. Fardin Boustani, Dr. Ali Akbar Moosavi

Page No: 73-86                    
Assessing Maintenance Situation of Radial Gates in Doroudzan Irrigation and Drainage Network

Mortaza Jabbari, Dr. Ali Akbar Moosavi, Dr. Fardin Boustani

Page No: 87-93                    

2015 issues 1 number 3