2014 issues 1 Number 1

Study of the Methods of Passive Defense Implementation in the Energy Field and the Relevant Industries

Mohammad Reza NikooManesh, AlirezaNazarkhah, Javad Panahyian

Page No: 1-9                    
Psychology of Religion

Ghamar Naghshejahan, Sakineh Solimani

Page No: 10-14                    
Effectiveness of Jabir Ibn Hayyan′s Plot in Ground of Female Student’s Creativity

Hanieeh Manteghi, Nasrolah Erfani

Page No: 15-20                    
Packaging as Brand Communication: The Impact of Product Display and Advertising Slogan on Consumer\'s Responses to the Package and Brand

Mohammad Mahdi Parhizgar, Elahe Shiri Rostami

Page No: 21-27                    
Investigation of the Effect of Iran Insurance Corporate Agencies Empowerment on the Customers Satisfaction

Zolfaghar Fathollahi, Farid Asgari, Mohammad Jalili

Page No: 28-31                    
Factors Influencing Satisfaction and Loyalty of Dana Insurance Customers (Case Study-Complementary Health Insurance)

Mohammad Jahangiri, Farid Asgari, Mohammad Jalili

Page No: 32-37                    
Evaluation of Iran Insurance Company Performance Using Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

Ali Fayyazi, Farid Asgari, Mohammad Jalili

Page No: 38-44                    
Investigation of the Relationship between Watching Television and Playing Computer Games with Selected Physical Fitness Factors, among Obese And Underweight Pupils Ranged by 7-8 Years Old

Homa Hajisadeghi, Mohammad Reza Sadeghian Shahi, Mahdiyeh Molanouri Shamsi

Page No: 45-49                    
An Investigation in to the Effects of Oil Revenues on Tradable Sector in Opec Countries (With Panel Data)

Ali Arabmazar Yazdi, Hassan Sadeghi, Fatemeh Farajzade

Page No: 50-55                    
Comparing the Performance of Iranian Bilingual EFL Students with Monolingual Groups by Means of the Treatment of the Etymology of Unknown English Words upon their Vocabulary Retention

Samad Ghasemi, Mohammad Nabi Ranjbari

Page No: 56-63                    

2014 issues 1 Number 1
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