IJBSAR : 2013 Volume 2 issue 3

Effects of Attention Focus Guidelines on Acquisition, Retention and Transmitting Steps of Movement form of Soccer Chip Shot in Beginner Children

Mehdi Khalil Arjmandi, Hossein Samadi, Mohammad Jalilvand

Page No: 209-214                    
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The Relationship Between Organizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of Islamic Republic of Iran

Azizi Bisotoon, Shojaei Khabat, Ghaffari Seddegheh3

Page No: 215-222                    
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Investigating the Reasons for the Participation of State University Faculty and Employees in Physical Exercise

Fatemeh Islami, Zynolabedin Fallah

Page No: 223-226                    
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The Relationship of Organizational Justice and Commitment with Human Resources Productivity in the Offices of Sports and Youth

Nader Rostamzadeh, Kazem Mehri, Abolfazl Chelcheleh, Hossein Gholian

Page No: 227-231                    
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Empirical Study on the Relationship Between Conditional Conservatism and Bankruptcy Risk in the Companies Listed in Tehran Securities Market

Monireh Dehghani Cham Asemani, Mahmoud Hematfar

Page No: 232-235                    
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The Relationship Between Cost of Capital and Financial Structure in the Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange Market

Mahmoud Hematfar, Marefat Gholami

Page No: 236-238                    
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Identification and Prioritization of Causes of Halt and Lag in Container Handling Operation

Hassan Jafari

Page No: 239-247                    
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The Effectiveness of Logo Therapy on the Rise of Hopefulness in Empty-Nest Syndrome

Mohammad Khaledian, Raed Parvaz, Mohammad Reza Garosi, Sajad Habibzade

Page No: 248-252                    
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Comparison of Static and Dynamic Balance in Sepak takraw Male Elite Players

Mahdi Rezaei, Raghad Mimar, Ahmad Azad

Page No: 253-256                    
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An Investigation Relationship Between Organizational Justice and Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Intent to Leave Job

HamidReza Molaeifar, Aliakbar Aghaei, Parviz Saeidi

Page No: 257-260                    
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The Relationship Between EFL Learners Multiple Intelligences And Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety

Mavadat Saidi, Mohadese Khosravi

Page No: 261-266                    
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Effect of Behavioral Finance (Psychology), Communication Skills, Rhetoric and Negotiation Techniques on Quality of Auditing Matters

Mahmoud Hematfar, Behzad Daneshjou

Page No: 267-270                    
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Investigating the Prevalence of Eating Disorders and Menstrual Irregularities in Female Athletes

Mansoureh Karimi, Mehdi kargarfard

Page No: 271-275                    
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The Association Between Auditor Switching and the Inclination of Audit Opinion Report toward Unqualified Mode in the Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange Market

Mahmoud Hematfar, Mojtaba Tajgardan

Page No: 276-278                    
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The Relationship between Motivational and Participatory Dimensions of Management Empowerment in Directors of Mazandaran Azad Universities

Kioumars Niaz Azari, Maryam Taghvaee Yazdi

Page No: 279-283                    
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Investigation the Risk of Fall, Postural Control and Quality of Gait Before and After the Balance Exercise Program in Sedentary Older Adults

Zamanian Faezeh

Page No: 284-288                    
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The Effect of Eight Weeks of Aerobic Training on Cardiac Function and Health Indicators in 12-18 Year-Old Girls: A Comparison between Ordinary Girls and those Supported by State Welfare Organization in Gorgan City

Sahar Sepehri, Alireza Elmieh, Farhad Rahmani Nia

Page No: 289-295                    
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An Explanation of the Effects of the Dual Model of Political Management of the Space on Tehranís Functions

Zahra Ahmadi Pour, Kazem Zoghi Barani, Mohamedreza Hafeznia, Seyyed Mehdi Nabavi

Page No: 296-301                    
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Studying Consent and Contentment in Boostan, as Life Skills

N.M. Saberi

Page No: 302-305                    
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The Analysis of Electronic Communications Policies on Government

Mojtaba Mali

Page No: 306-309                    
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