IJBSAR : 2013 Volume 2 issue 2

Distance Education: Role and Position of Information Management

Aziz Hedayati Khoshemehr, Yahya Nazemi

Page No: 109-116                    
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Language Learning and Audio-Visual Aids (A Review Study)

Ghasem Barani , Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaie, Samereh Shojaie

Page No: 117-120                    
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Determining the Optimal Stock Portfolio in Tehran Stock Exchange Based on Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Error Level (-MOEA)

Fatemeh Khodaparast, Mahdi Moradi2, Mahdi Salehi

Page No: 121-128                    
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Investigating the Effect of Intellectual Capital on Performance of Islamic Azad University of Ghaemshahr Branch, Mazandaran, Iran

Samereh Shojaie1, Ghasem Barani

Page No: 129-132                    
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Directional UWB Microstrip Antenna for Radar Applications

A. A. Kalteh, S. Nikmeh, Atila Eskandarnejad

Page No: 133-138                    
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Necessity of Implementation of Workplace Spirituality and its Administrative Strategies

Samereh Shojaie, Ghasem Barani, Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaie

Page No: 139-142                    
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Investigating the Effect of Organizational Health on Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Ali Asefi, Mehrdad Goudarzvand Chegini, Morad Rezaee Dizgah

Page No: 143-149                    
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The Relationship Between Components of Organizational Justice and Human Resources Productivity

Hasan Doulati, Mehdi Deyhim Pour

Page No: 150-154                    
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Short Story Based Language Teaching (SSBLT): A literature-based Language Teaching Method

Mohammad Khatib, Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaei

Page No: 155-159                    
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Connection Between Changing the Company Management With Earnings Management, Default Risk and the Ability to Predict the Earnings in Tehran Stock Exchange

Mahmoud Hematfar

Page No: 160-163                    
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A Histological Study on the Nephrons in Rutilus frisii kutum of Caspian Sea

Hamidreza Ferdowsi, Masoud Adib Moradi, Mohammadreza Asadi

Page No: 164-167                    
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Histological Study on the Sensory Receptors of the Teat Skin in Sarabi Cattle

Hamidreza Ferdowsi, Masoud Adib Moradi, Mohammadreza Asadi

Page No: 168-171                    
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Evaluation the Intellectual Capitals in the Companyís Financial Performance

Dr. Nader Bouhlooli, Mojtaba Mali

Page No: 172-179                    
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Investigation of Mental Existence and its Proof Based on Mulla Sadras Perspective

Sommayyeh Marhaba

Page No: 180-184                    
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Relationship Between Mental Skills and Penalty Kicks Performance in the Elite Penalty Shooters in Iranís Professional Football Teams

Pooneh Mokhtari, Mohammad VaezMousavi, Sepehr Heidari

Page No: 185-187                    
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Fundamental Topological Algebras

Mozhgan talimian

Page No: 188-191                    
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Design and Simulation of All Optical Photonic Crystal Wavelength Selective Devices Based on Directional Couplers for Optical Communication Systems

Saeed Ghorbani, Reza Mosalanezhad, Gholam Reza Ghadar

Page No: 192-198                    
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Effects of Balance Training on Muscle Endurance and Balance Performance in Elderly Men

Zahra Sedighi, Mahnaz Nourollahnajafabadi, Seiedehkhadijeh Asadysaravi, Faezeh Zamanian, Mina Haghighi

Page No: 199-201                    
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Relationship Between Role Ambiguity and Satisfaction in Iranian Elite Athletes

Ali Asghar Doroudian, Masumeh Shahbazi,Nahid Adibpour

Page No: 202-205                    
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Relationship Between Auditor Switching and the Inclination of Audit Opinion Report Toward Unqualified Mode in the Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange Market

Mahmoud Hematfar

Page No: 206-208                    
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