IJBSAR : 2013 Volume 2 issue 1

Nonlinearity and Asymmetries in Iranian Business Cycle: Through Markov Switching Auto regression Model

Alireza Moradi

Page No: 1-5                    
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Comparing Factors of Physical Fitness and Determining Their Relationship with Anthropometric Characteristics of Students at Iranian Officer Training Universities

Reza Ahmadvand, Alireza Rahimi, Faramarz Nasri, Nasser Taghibigloo

Page No: 6-12                    
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Investigation Rate of Emotional Intelligence in Physical Education Teachers in Zanjan Province

Saeed Yarmohammadi, Nasser Taghibigloo

Page No: 13-16                    
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The Effect of Eight Weeks Swimming Training on Hepatic Enzymes and Hematological Values in Young Female

Nahid Bijeh, Amir Rashidlamir, Samaneh Sadeghynia, Keyvan Hejazi

Page No: 17-22                    
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Different Approaches to Contextualization

Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaie,Ghasem Barani

Page No: 23-27                    
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Evaluation of Efficient Extraction Method for the Determination of Carbryl Residue in Olive Oil

Mahdi Maham,Vahid Kiarostami

Page No: 28-31                    
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An Efficient Technique in Finding the Exact Solutions for Cauchy Problems

S. Saeedi, M. Mighani

Page No: 32-36                    
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Study the Effects of Kadostim Organic Fertilizer on Yield and Harvest Index Maize Cultivars in Ardabil

Seyed sajjad Moosavi, Seyed Mohammad Javad Mirhadi, Ali Mohammadpour Khanghah, Yousef Alaei1, Maryam Jafari

Page No: 37-39                    
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An Investigating into Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of Physical Education Teachers in Zanjan Province

Saeed Yarmohammadi, Nasser Taghibigloo

Page No: 40-44                    
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Effective Factors on Inter Professional Relationship Between Nurses and Physicians

Hassankhani H, Zamanzadeh V, Jasemi M

Page No: 45-49                    
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Interaction of Urban Life and Rural Life

S. Saeedi, M. Mighani

Page No: 50-53                    
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Review the Impact of Adherence to Islamic beliefs Concerning Healthy life Style, General Health and Academic Achievement as well as Factors Affecting Drug Consumption

Valiollah Khoshtinat

Page No: 54-61                    
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Constructivism and Curriculum Development

Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaie, Ghasem Barani

Page No: 62-67                    
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Relationship Between EFL Learners’ Computer Anxiety and Their Preferred Feedback Method(s) in Writing

Zari Sadat Seyyedrezaie, Zargham Ghapanchi, Masumeh Sadat Seyyedrezaie

Page No: 68-76                    
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A Comparative Study of Performance Evaluation System of Teachers

Shafiee Shahram, Rezaee Amir, Akbar Morteza, Kayvani Laleh

Page No: 77-83                    
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Biological differences in language learners

Zohreh Taziki

Page No: 84-86                    
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Language Learning and Vocabulary: (A review)

Ghasem Barani, Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaie

Page No: 87-90                    
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Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior Toward Teaching Physical Education to Students with Disabilities: PE Teachers’ Point of View

Masumeh Shahbazi, Mohammad Reza Esmaeili, Yahya Sokhangoe

Page No: 91-97                    
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Error Analysis of TEFL Students in their Written Production

Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaei

Page No: 98-102                    
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Effect of Vitamin C Intake Following Exhaustive Aerobic Exercise on Serum Immunoglobulins A and G in Wushu Athletes

Fakhradin Hasanloei, Hatam Asadpour, Vahid Karvani

Page No: 103-108                    
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