IJBSAR : 2017 Volume 6 issue 1

Using Polytomous Response Models on Energy Data - with examples from Nepal

Jyoti U. Devkota, Parbati Maya Lama Tamang, Prapti Sedhain

Page No: 1-10                    
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The Impact of Advertising and Sales Promotion Methods on Brand Loyalty through Brand Equity (Case Study: Chitoz Brand)

Hamidreza Rojuee, Morteza Rojuee

Page No: 11-18                    
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Investigation on Potentially Hazardous Hexavalent Chromium and Heavy Metals in Leather Products

Gayan Premaratne, Sumathy Rajasingham, K.R.R. Mahanama

Page No: 19-26                    
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Risky Behaviors among Adolescents: With Emphasis on Prevention Approach

Mozhgan Rezazadeh Kavari, Dariush Bayat Nejad

Page No: 27-30                    
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Conflict Management in Healthcare System – How Do Health Professionals Perceive Placing Corporate Interest Above Self-Interest in Bayelsa State, Nigeria?

Ighedose, Lucky Ojiezele, Okoronkwo, Ijeoma Lewechi

Page No: 31-37                    
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The Effect of Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid Supplementation on Quality of Life of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Ehsan Nozari, Saied Ghavamzadeh, Nazanin Razazian

Page No: 38-44                    
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Numerical Treatment of HIV Infection and Immune Control Delay-Differential Equation Model

Jamshad Ahmad, Sundas Rubab

Page No: 45-61                    
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Psychological Empowerment: Exploring the Links to Knowledge Sharing

Farshad Andam

Page No: 62-71                    
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Novel Approach for Multi Period Portfolio Selection Using Chance Constrained Programming

Khadijeh Hassanlou

Page No: 72-82                    
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Post Irradiation Evaluation of Biofim Formation, Hydrophobicity, Antimicrobial Resistance, Alginate Alg D Gene of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Recovered From Urinary Catheter of Cancer Bladder Patients

Hala AbdAllah Farrag, Al zahraa A-Karam El-Din, Zeinab Galal Mohamed El-Sayed, Soheir Abdel-Latif Issa, Mona Kamal

Page No: 83-100                    
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