IJBSAR : 2015 Volume 4 issue 12

The Relation between Handedness and Spatial Visualization among the High School Students

Behnam Shirini Pargami, Javad Khalatbari

Page No: 688-692                    
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The Relationship of Early Maladaptive Schemas with Attachment Styles and Identity Styles in Female Students

Nasim Moharami, Ghahreman Mahmodi

Page No: 693-699                    
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The Relationship between Teachers\' use of Information Technology in Education and the Effectiveness of their Duties: Case Study of Primary Schools in Sari

Mohammad Ghorbani Far, Akram Hosseini Sangrizeh, Ameneh Sadeghi, Ghorban Ali Sohrabi

Page No: 700-704                    
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Variation Iteration Method using He’s Polynomial for Solving Linear and Non-linear System of Differential Equations

Jamshad Ahmed, Faizan Hussain

Page No: 705-713                    
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Biochemical Changes From Preparation to Competitive Period in Soccer

Gioldasis Aristotelis

Page No: 714-719                    
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Review Article: Self-Efficacy in Unattended Women

Elham Ranjbar, Yarali Dousti

Page No: 720-723                    
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A One-step Iteration Method of Fifth Order Convergence

Sanjeeda Nazneen

Page No: 724-732                    
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Review Article: the Unattended Women and Mental Damages

Elham Ranjbar, Yarali Dousti

Page No: 733-735                    
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Unsteady Flow of a Generalized Second Grade Fluid between Two Parallel Plates filled with a Porous Medium: Fractional Derivative Model

Vikas Kumar

Page No: 736-754                    
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