IJBSAR : 2015 Volume 4 issue 7

Critique of Modernity in New Wave Cinema of Iran

Zahra Irannejad, Fateme Shahrodi

Page No: 372-384                    
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Investigating Role of Normal Accrual Items in Costs of Stock Trading in the Listed Pharmaceutical Companies on Tehran Stock Exchange

Hamidreza Keshavarz Mohamadian, Mansur Garkaz

Page No: 385-389                    
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The Relationship between Accounting Conservatism, Institutional Investors and Profit Misprice by Using Benford\'s Law in Pharmaceutical Companies (Pharmaceutical Industry, Materials and Products) Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Hamid Bataghva, Mansur Garkaz

Page No: 390-395                    
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Surveying the Relationship between the Brand Personality, Customers’ Attitudinal Loyalty and Behavioral Loyalty in Mobile Phone Brands (Case Study: Gorgan County)

Malihe Deylami, Abdolhamid Ebrahimi

Page No: 396-399                    
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Strategies of determination of a good teacher from the perspectives of students and members of academic staff of Zabol University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Somayeh Bagheri

Page No: 400-407                    
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Analyze the Strengths and Weaknesses of Rural Tourism based on SWOT Model in order to Strategic Planning

Hooman Sobouti, Pari Alavi

Page No: 408-418                    
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Dynamic Modeling and Path Generation of a Robotic Arm with Mobile Base

Ghazal M, Talezadeh A, Taheri M, Nazemi-Zade M

Page No: 419-425                    
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Obstacle Avoidance Dynamic Motion of Industrial Manipulators

Ghazal M, Talezadeh A, Taheri M, Nazemi-Zade M

Page No: 426-430                    
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Reviewing the Role of the Executive Branch on Situational Prevention of Crime in Iran Law

Maryam Soltani Bohlooli, Mohammad Khalil Salehi

Page No: 431-436                    
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Surveying the Genetic Diversity of Cultivars and Lines of Tetraploid Cottons by the use of Qualitative Morphologic Properties of Fibers

Amir Bahram Hosseini Naghavi, Omran Alishah, Ahmad Mousapour Gorji

Page No: 437-441                    
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