IJBSAR : 2015 Volume 4 issue 6

Surveying Effectiveness of Self-Regulation Learning Strategies on Academic Achievement of High School Students under Welfare

Azadeh Eskandari, Maryam Baloei, Abbas Zamani

Page No: 317-319                    
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The Relationship between Employees’ Empowerment with Job Performance at the Red Crescent Society of North Khorasan

Hossein Rostami, Hosseinali Bahramzadeh, Parviz Saeidi

Page No: 320-322                    
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Assessing and Analyzing Risk in the Management Projects and Customer Relationship in Iran

Seyed Reza Mousavizadeh, Abdolghader Moazzenzadeh, Farideh Vakili, Saeideh Amiri

Page No: 323-333                    
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The Effect of Instructional and Motivational Self-Talk on Volleyball Serving Performance

Noushin Dorri, Mohammad Ali Aslankhani, Ahmad Farokhi

Page No: 334-339                    
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The Relationship between the Authentic Leadership with Ethic Attitudes of Auditors’ Behavior in Court of Auditing on District 5 of the Country

Ali Reza Younesi Ghaleh, Mansur Garkaz

Page No: 340-342                    
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Determinants of Voluntary Environmental Disclosure: The Case of Iran

Sona Alizadeh Aghdam

Page No: 343-349                    
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Interaction Hypothesis: An Insufficient Explanation for Second Language Acquisition

Sara Ebrahimi

Page No: 350-353                    
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Effective Factors in Applying Clinical Monitoring by Nurses

Vahid Zamanzadeh, Madineh Jasemi, Marziyeh Sami

Page No: 354-357                    
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The Impact of Brand Image and Firm’s name (as Part of Branding) on Buyer’s Purchase Preference for Agriculture Products in Pakistan

Moeed Ahmad Sandhu, Syeda Shawana Mahasan

Page No: 358-366                    
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Effectiveness of Mindfulness on Conflict Resolution Styles of Couples Having Severely Disabled Bedridden Child

Golshan Asgharzadeh Ghadi, Afsaneh Khajevand Khoshli

Page No: 367-371                    
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