IJBSAR : 2015 Volume 4 issue 5

The Relationship between Organizational Justice and Organizational Commitment of Physical Education Teachers of Tabriz

Ali Rajabi, Mohammad Rahim Najafzadeh

Page No: 255-259                    
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Investigating Role of Profit Distribution in Stock Returns of the Listed Companies on Tehran Stock Exchange

Fatemeh Jahanbazi, Mohammad Reza Setayesh

Page No: 260-264                    
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The Relationship between Organizational Health with Public Health and Organizational Silence among Teachers of Elementary Course of Sari (Zone 1 and Chahardangeh)

Maryam Taghvaee Yazdi, Mohsen Eynali

Page No: 265-268                    
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Relationship between Perceived Stress and Major Depression in Methamphetamine Consumers visiting Mehrshad Addiction Treatment Center of Tehran

Zeinolabedin Mirchi, Afsaneh Khajevand Khoshli

Page No: 269-272                    
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Classifying Fans of Tractor FC based on Demographic and Geographic Variables

Reza Norouzadeh, Jafar Barghi Moghaddam

Page No: 273-279                    
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The Investigation of Head-Complement and Verbal Aesthetics of Lullabies in Early Parameter Settings

Ferdows Agha Golzadeh, Zeinolabedin Rahmani

Page No: 280-292                    
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Investigation of the Relationship between Accrual Accounting and Accountability in Governmental Organizations of Iran

Mojtaba Moshdei, Morteza Rojuee, Fatemeh Ghanbari

Page No: 293-298                    
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The Impact of National Culture on Auditors’ Responses to Social Influence Pressure

Kamal Ghanaee1, Morteza Rojuee, Fatemeh Ghanbari

Page No: 299-304                    
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The Relationship between Self-leadership Strategies and Job Burnout among personnel of Education Department in Golestan province

Masume Mohamad Rahimi, Hossein Saeedi Rad, Mohsen Eynali*

Page No: 305-310                    
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The Effective Factors of Green Purchasing on Green Purchasing behavior regarding to the Mediatory Role of Green Purchasing Intention

Bita Niknezhad, Abdolhamid Ebrahimi

Page No: 311-316                    
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