IJBSAR : 2015 Volume 4 issue 3

Organizing the Urban Furniture of Urmia, Iran (Case study on Imam Street of Urmia)

Saheb Zeinali, Bashir Beik Babaei

Page No: 144-147                    
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Surveying the Correlation between Factors related to Choice, Effort Expectation, Social Impact, and Facilitating Conditions with E-Purchasing in Internet Users by the use of TTF and UTAUT Models

Mahmood Gharibabadi, Fereydoon Azma

Page No: 148-151                    
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The Relationship between Transactional Leadership and Job Satisfaction

Mehdi Tavakkol, Hamid Janani

Page No: 152-156                    
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Predicting Bulimia based on Anger and Quality of Life in Women Referring to Feeding Clinics in Mahabad

Asyeh Roon, Ahmad Esmaili

Page No: 157-161                    
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The Effect of Teaching Vocabulary through Collocations on the Vocabulary Retention of Iranian EFL Students

Maryam Ghezelseflou, Seyed Hasan Seyedrezaei

Page No: 162-170                    
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Resistance Exercise Various Velocity Effect on Hip Muscle Hypertrophy in Non-Athletes Young Males

Saeed Aliaazam, Farshad Ghazalian, Hogatolah Nikbakht

Page No: 171-175                    
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A Hermeneutical Methodology for Modeling in Psychotherapy and Counseling

Khaled Sheikholeslami, Rezgar Mohammadi, Mehdi Fardian, Yusef Karimi, Nader Karimian

Page No: 176-180                    
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An Automatic System for Optimal Sensors Selection in Objects Recognition

Mohammad Hosein Kargar, Naghi R. Seyedaghaee, Fatemeh Rouhinezhad, Abdolhossein Alipoor

Page No: 181-189                    
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The Effect of A Four-Week Acute Vitamin C Supplementation on The Markers of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Following Eccentric Exercise in Active Men190

Elnaz Poulab, Hadi Sajedinia1, Fariba Hafezi, Shohre Khazaei, Masoud Mabani

Page No: 190-195                    
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The Implication of Content related Support to Foster Reading Comprehension Performance

Seyyedeh Sharareh Mirshahidi, Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaei

Page No: 196-201                    
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