IJBSAR : 2015 Volume 4 issue 2

Modeling and Simulation of Manipulation of DNA Nanoparticles by JKR Contact Model Using AFM in Biological Environments

M. Taheri

Page No: 83-87                    
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The Effect of Focus of Attention Along With Visual Precue in Reaction Time of Total Body

Mitra Rezvani-Dehaghani, Mohialdin Bahari, Pezhman Ahmadi

Page No: 88-93                    
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Sliding Mode Sensorless Control of Induction Machines Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Mohammad Jafarifar

Page No: 94-101                    
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The Effect of Parents’ Self-Training Strategy (Cognition-Behavior Therapy) on the Reduction of Students’ Depression and Stress

Shaghayegh Ezazi, Mina Mojtabaei

Page No: 102-105                    
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A (n,n)-Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Ggh Cryptosystem

Saeidi A, Zahedi MM, Nakhaei Amroodi

Page No: 106-110                    
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An Analysis of First Grade Junior High Schools’ English Textbooks in the light of Multiple Intelligence Theory: The comparison Between Newly Published “Prospect1” and The Old One “Right Path to English2”

Elham Kia-Ahmadi, Ali Arabmofrad

Page No: 111-120                    
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Evaluating Effect of Concentric Shape to Achieving Sustainability in Residential Neighbourhood

Nabiollah Kolbadi, Masoud Tarantash, Armin Akhavan

Page No: 121-126                    
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The Comparison of Team and Individual Male Athletes, Mental Toughness at Different Levels of Skills

Samad Biglari, Afsaneh Sanatkaran, Seyyed Mohialdin Bahari, Mahshad Montazeri

Page No: 127-132                    
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Surveying the Relationship between Quality of Professional Life and Organizational Trust

Hassan Bagheri Nia, Taiba Nooradi, Ali Rahimi, Fariba Bagheri Nia

Page No: 133-138                    
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The Relationship between Job Stress and Philanthropy-Politeness, Kindness and Generosity Behavior among Lifeguards

Morteza Jafari Hamed, Jafar Barghi Moghaddam

Page No: 139-143                    
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