IJBSAR : 2014 Volume 3 issue 12

Effect of Expiratory Muscles Resistive Training on Respiratory Indices in Sedentary People

Alireza Ramezani, Abdulamir Saiiari

Page No: 863-867                    
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The Effects of a Collaborative Teaching Program on Iranian EFL Learners’ Language Proficiency (A case of Architecture Learners)

Parisa Riahipour, Dariush Nejad Ansari, Zeinab Saba

Page No: 868-873                    
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The Comparison of Mental Skills of Elite Male and Female Chess Players in Iran

Majid Keramati Moghadam, Afsaneh Sanatkaran, Seyyed Mohialdin Bahari

Page No: 874-879                    
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A Comparative Study of Anthropometric and Physical Fitness Profile Among Top Football Referees In Iran

Majid Seifi Azarnejad, Hamid Marefati, Kurosh Ghahreman Tabrizi

Page No: 880-883                    
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A Comparison between Dimensions of Alexithymia and Resilience in Divorce-Seeking Couples and Normal Couples of City of Gorgan

Shohreh Tofighian, Mahnaz Babaei

Page No: 884-887                    
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A Comparison of Attribution Style, Perceived Stress and Difficulties in Emotion Regulation between Single-parent and Two-parent Adolescents

Maliheh Rasouli Khorshidi, Bahram Mirzaian, Ramezan Hassanzadeh

Page No: 888-891                    
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A Comparison between Self-harm Behavior and Emotional Processing in Single Substance Drug Addicts and Normal People

Shahin Rezaei, Ramezan Hassanzadeh

Page No: 892-895                    
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The Effect of Commercial Brand on Customer Commitment According to the Mediating Role of Brand Interests (Case Study: Customers of Dairy Products in Province of Gorgan)

Ehsan Askari, Mehdi Naimi, Hossein Didehkhani

Page No: 896-899                    
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Surveying the Correlation between Early Maladaptive Schemas, Personality Traits and Identity Styles Among the Staff of Bank Mellat in West Azerbaijan Province

Mehran Soleymani, Maryam Fazlavar

Page No: 900-908                    
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The Effects of Family-Centered Psychological Interventions on Mental Health and Self-Esteem of Mothers Having Children with Intellectual Disability

Mehran Soleimani, Minoo Nouri, Hassan Yaghoubi

Page No: 909-913                    
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Population, Income Inequality and Economic Growth in Iran: A Co-integration Analysis

Seyyid Parviz Jalili Kamjo, Tayebe Rahimi, Davoud Mahmoudinia

Page No: 914-922                    
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Comparison of Family Structure and Coping Strategy between Runaway and Non-Runaway Girls

Zobeydeh Dehghan Manshadi, Marieh Dehghan Manshadi, Koorosh Mohammadi

Page No: 923-926                    
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The Establishment of Knowledge-Based Social Network, As a Strategy of Strengthening the Spiritual and Social Capital in Academic Organizations (Case Study: University of Tehran)

Ahmad Sayah, Ali asghar Pourezzat, Taher Roshandel Arbatani

Page No: 927-945                    
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Evaluation of B1 and Lasota Vaccines for Hyperimmunization of Breeder Flocks in Production Phase

Madadi MS, Ghaniei A, Shojaei H

Page No: 946-950                    
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The Effect of Captioned Videos on Advanced EFL Learners\' Listening Proficiency in Iran

Shima Shirinbeik Mohajer, Behzad Pourgharib

Page No: 951-957                    
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