IJBSAR : 2014 Volume 3 issue 11

Burnout among Psychiatric Nurses and Associated Factors

Evrim Celebi

Page No: 765-771                    
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Investigating the Effect of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles on the Growth and Sexual Maturation of Male Rats

Neda Dehghani, Ali Noori, Mehrdad Modaresi

Page No: 772-776                    
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Safe Distance from Pools Fires in NGL Storage Tanks in Stagnant Air

Saleh Gorjipour, Bagher Anvaripour

Page No: 777-780                    
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A Survey about the Correlation between Accountability, Job Satisfaction, Job Performance, Job Tension and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) in Faculty Members of East Azerbaijan PNU

Ahad Derakhshani, Abolfazl Ghasemzadeh

Page No: 781-786                    
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Evaluating the Internet Role on Human Capital Development among Faculty Members in Islamic Azad University Branches

Seyedeh Leila Hoseini Tabaghdehi, Mohammad Salehi

Page No: 787-792                    
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E-Learning Based on Cloud Computing

Shahriar Mohammadi, Yousef Emdadi

Page No: 793-802                    
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Measuring Customers’ Satisfaction on Services by Qom Insurance Companies

Ata Soltani Hezarkhani

Page No: 803-809                    
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Feature Selection and Optimization of Back Propagation Neural Network Parameters Using the Differential Evolution Algorithm

Atena Kavian, Mirmorsal Madani, Reza Sookhtsaraei

Page No: 810-817                    
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Effects of in Service Educational Courses (General-Professional) on Physical Education Teachers’ Abilities in Ardabil Province

Hojjat Mardaneh Taleshmekaie, Hamid Janani, Amir Dana

Page No: 88-824                    
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Investigating the Relationship of Firm Strategy and Capital Structure with Firm Performance

Hassan Salehneghad, Esmail Mohammadi Majd

Page No: 825-830                    
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Nonlinear Formulation of Flexible-Link Robots Based on Finite Element Approach

Jafari J, Ghazal M, Nazemizadeh M

Page No: 831-834                    
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Designing a Predicting Model for Mathematic Academic Achievement of College Students, Based on Two Non-Cognitive Variables of Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Attitude towards Mathematics

Majid share, Farhad Kazemi, Nasrollah Moeeni

Page No: 835-840                    
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Surveying the Correlation between Maladaptive Schemas, Personality Traits and Burnout among the Staff of Bank Mellat in West Azerbaijan Province

Mehran Soleymani, Pegah Shahinejad

Page No: 841-849                    
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The Effect of Vibration Training on Some of the Factors of Physical Fitness, Motion Fitness, and Concentration of Testosterone, and Cortisol Hormones in None-Athletic Men

Masoumeh Nobahar, Yazdan Mirzaei, Ahmad Hemmatfar

Page No: 850-855                    
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The Role of Selective Yoga Exercises on Stress Reduction ond Increasing Satisfaction of Marital Life in Postmenopausal Women With Osteopenia

Mahmoudjanlou Mandana, Mahmoudjanlou Somayeh, Shirazi Fakhri, Vatandoust leila

Page No: 856-862                    
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