IJBSAR : 2014 Volume 3 issue 10

The Effect of Musics Kind on Learning

Pouneh Mokhtari, Zahra Chaharbaghi

Page No: 671-674                    
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The Effectiveness of the Training Components of Redecision Theory on Reducing the Dimensions of Marital Conflict

Seyed Jamal Raisi, Nader Karimiyan, Koorosh Mohammadi

Page No: 675-679                    
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Developing Regression Models between Water Use Efficiency (WUE) and Winter Canola Yield, Under Water and Salinity Stresses and Different Nitrogen Fertilizer Levels

Farzad Karim Zahe, Mokhtar Neshati Rad, Sina Besharat, Abolfazl Majnooni-Heris, Anahita Jabbari

Page No: 680-687                    
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Relationship Serum Level of Ghrelin with Leptin and Adiponectin in Lean and Obese Adolescent

Mohsen Akbarpour, Ahmad Alimardani, Hamid Sadeghyan, Mohsen Assarzadeh

Page No: 688-694                    
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Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Escherichia Coli Isolates to Antibacterial Agents in Urmia, Iran

Mohammad Sadegh Madadi, Abolfazl Ghaniei, Peyman Zare, Nima Isakakroudi

Page No: 695-697                    
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Reflections of Aspects of Folklore in Documentaries (Category A and B) of Golestan Province Channel

Mahta Kharazmi, Gholamreza Hassani, Mohsen Hasanpour

Page No: 698-704                    
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Comprehensive Distribution System Expansion Planning in a Deregulated Environment under System Uncertainties

Davar Mirabbasi, Mortazavi SS, Ali Saidian

Page No: 705-713                    
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The Evaluation of the Impact of Changes in the Behavior of Steel Shear Wall Opening

Hamid Mansoorkiaee, Taleb Moradi Shaghaghi

Page No: 714-720                    
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Surveying Different Stages of Company Life Cycle on Capital Structure (Case Study: Production companies listed in Tehran stock exchange)

Masoud Mocarrary, Mansour Garkaz

Page No: 721-725                    
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The Relation between Professionalism of the Heads of High Schools and their Self-Efficacy In Kurdistan Province

Seyed Mohammad Mir Kamali, Mozaffaraddin Vaezi, Ahmadali Shafiee, Morteza Mollavali

Page No: 726-734                    
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Short Form Validation of the Wisconsin Schizotypy Scales Questionnaire in Normal and Clinical Samples

Zahra Karami Baghteyfoni, Samira Hasanzadeh Pashang, Ashraf Mehmannavzan, Maryam SayadShirazy, Mina Maleki

Page No: 735-740                    
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Impact of the Program of Training Successful Intelligence on the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Educational Motivation of the High School Female Students of Isfahan

Adele Sheerbafzade, Ahmad Abedi

Page No: 741-746                    
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The Relationship between Knowledge Management and Organizational Forgetting

Ata Sultani Hezarkhani

Page No: 747-755                    
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Comparing Five Major Personality Traits in Gifted and Ordinary Students

Mitra Khodadadi Andrieh, Abdolhakim Tirgari, Ramazan Hassanzadeh

Page No: 756-759                    
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Team Identification, Sport Fandom Identity and Willingness to Verbal/Physical Aggressive Actions among Soccer Fans (Case Study: Damash\'s Soccer Fans)

Mohammad Mahdi Rahmati, Saeid Kabiri, Seyed Masomeh ShadManfaat

Page No: 760-764                    
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