IJBSAR : 2014 Volume 3 issue 8

The Relationship of Psychological Resilience and Moral Intelligence with Psychological Well-Being in the Employees of Iranian National Tax Administration

Mazlumeh Khademi, Dariush Ghasemian, Ramazan Hassanzadeh

Page No: 481-484                    
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The Identification of Key Success Factors in Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning using Analytic Hierarchy

Ahmad Fendereski, Hosein Didehkhani, Ali Fendereski

Page No: 485-490                    
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The Effect of Background Music on Vocabulary Recall and Retention of Children Learning English as A Foreign Language

Seyed Jalal Abdolmanafi-Rokni, Azam Jannati Ataee

Page No: 491-495                    
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Studying and Prioritizing Risk Factors of Outsourcing in IT Projects (Case Study: Economical and Financial Affairs Organization of Golestan Province)

Azam Zanganeh, Hossein Didehkhani

Page No: 496-503                    
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Inter-Language Pragmatics: How Non-Native Speakers Differ in Production and Understanding Speech Acts

Mahmood Soltani

Page No: 504-509                    
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Lean Approach to the Management of Academic Libraries of Medical Sciences

Safiyeh Tahmasebi Limooni, Seddigheh Mohammadesmaeil

Page No: 510-514                    
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A Comparison of the Attachment Styles, Irrational Beliefs and Self-Esteem of the Runaway and Normal Girls in Iran

Zahra Karami baghteyfouni, Siamand Movloudi, Heman Mahmoudfakhe, Azimesadat Fatemi, Mohamad Khaledian

Page No: 515-520                    
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Identification and Ranking of Key Success Factors in Knowledge Management Using Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP) (Case Study: Supervisor of Saderat Bank of Golestan Province)

Tamara Ramezani, Hossein Didehkhani

Page No: 521-527                    
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The Relationship between Servant Leadership and Athlete Satisfaction

Shiva Azadfada, Masoumeh Besmi, Ali Asghar Doroudian

Page No: 528-537                    
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An Introduction to Lifestyle: Origin of Existence and its Agency in Elementary Education

Seyed Mohammad Reza Safavi, Esmaeil Zaraii Zavaraki, Hassan Maleki, Ali Delavar

Page No: 538-545                    
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A Comparison of Emotional Intelligence and Personality Characteristics between Normal People and Addicts

Samira Hasanzadeh Pashang, Taiebeh Karmi baghtifoni, Zahra Karmibaghtifoni, Shima Vafa, Mohamad Khaledian

Page No: 546-551                    
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Feed Conversion and Feed To Gain Ratios in Different Fattening Months and Castration Effects on Growth Performance in Iranian Lori-Bakhtiari Sheep Breed

M. Kazemi-Bonchenari, M. R. Javanmard, E. Mahjoubi, S. Afshar

Page No: 552-556                    
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Application of Multimedia in the Iranian Contemporary Art

Maryam Babaee Zivlaee, Mohsen Hasanpour, Gholamreza Hassani

Page No: 557-564                    
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The Relationship between Spirituality with Personality Traits on Elite Disable Athletes and Non-Athletes Disables

Leyla Azimi, Reza Nikbakhsh, Batool Moshref Javadi

Page No: 565-568                    
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The Comparison of the Efficiency of Instructional Self-Talk to Mother and Second Language in Learning of Archery

Mohammad Taghi Aghdasi, Karim Rezghi

Page No: 569-573                    
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