IJBSAR : 2014 Volume 3 issue 6

Effect of Height of Sharp-Crested Weir on Discharge Coefficient

Vadoud Naderi, Mohammad Sadeghi Nasrabadi, Hadi Arvanaghi

Page No: 325-330                    
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The Relationship between Childrens Level of Physical Activity with Socio-Economic Status (SES) of Family

Iman Bahreini Borujeny, Seyyede Maryam Salehi, Seyyed Saadat Salehi, Seyyed Mehdi Aghapour

Page No: 331-333                    
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Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units Using an Intelligent Optimization Strategy

N. Ghaffarzadeh, M. Parpaei, H. Bagheri

Page No: 334-340                    
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The Rate of Applying of Clinical Supervision by Nurses in Critical Condition in Teaching Hospitals in Tabriz

Vahid Zamanzadeh, Madineh Jasemi,Marziyeh Sami

Page No: 341-343                    
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Study of Music Therapy on Female Students Extent of Positive Thinking

Paniz Taghizadeh Meskaran, Ramazan Hassanzadeh, Yarali Dousti

Page No: 344-348                    
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The Relationship between Social Support and Quality of Life with Psychological Well-Being in Students

Nasrollah Moeeni, Zekrollah Morovati

Page No: 349-352                    
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The Relation between Irrational Believes and Occupational Motivation

Mozhgan Tofighian, Ali Hosseinaei

Page No: 353-357                    
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DAPP-BQ Questionnaire Validity Determination (Dimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology) in a Population of Female Drug-Addicted Prisoners

Seyed Hossein Falsafi, Abdolali Yaghoubi, Kambiz Kamkari

Page No: 358-364                    
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Study on Factors Associated with Acceptance of Electronic Education Systems

Hossein Didehkhani, Sara Saleh

Page No: 365-369                    
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Effect of Increased Number of Openings on Response Modification Factor in Steel Building Frames with Concentric Braces

Zahra Eshkevarjiri

Page No: 370-375                    
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