IJBSAR : 2014 Volume 3 issue 4

Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Cracked Wedges Under Various Varying Distributed Loadings

Majid Ghadiri, Hamid Ghasemi, M.Moein Moradi

Page No: 199-206                    
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Evaluation of Entrepreneurial Marketing Dimensions According to Characteristics of Institutions: Institutions Age and Size

Mehran Rezvani, Morteza Khazaei

Page No: 207-213                    
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The Correlation between Organizational Justice and Employee Loyalty

Meghdad Manouchehri, H.R.Razavi, S.Emamgholizadeh

Page No: 214-219                    
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The Effect of Physical Activity and Maternal Addiction before Pregnancy on Physical Growth of Offsprings

Morteza Taheri, Nasser Naghdi, Khadijeh Irandoust

Page No: 220-224                    
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Using Expert Systems and Fuzzy Rules to Evaluate the Quality of Educational Technology Curriculum Based on Kleins Model (Goal and Content)

Hassan Qrabaghy, Khadijah Ali-Abadi, Hassan Rashidi, Hassan Maleki

Page No: 225-232                    
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Designing and Validation of Optimal Pattern for Problem-Oriented Curriculum (Case Study: E-Learning Centers of State Universities of Tehran)

Isa Barghi, Shabnam Zakeri

Page No: 233-240                    
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The Effect of Plyometric Training on Lower-Limb Explosive and Anaerobic Power in Adolescent Handball Players

Alireza Hemmati Sarapardeh, Mandana Gholami, Khosrow Ebrahim

Page No: 241-244                    
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The Effect of Increased Opening Height on Response Modification Factor in Steel Building Frames with Concentric Braces

Zahra Eshkevarjiri

Page No: 245-249                    
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Antioxidant Activity of Artemisia Aucheri Sesquiterpene Lactone Extract

Elham Bagheri, Shahla Roozbahani, Leila Amjad

Page No: 250-253                    
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The Study of the Parametric Changes in Water Potential Points by Using Waste Manuciple Compost in Three Kinds of Soils

Saeedeh Sadeghi, Soheila Ebrahimi, Mahdi Zakerinia

Page No: 254-260                    
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