IJBSAR : 2014 Volume 3 issue 3

Using Data Envelopment Analysis to Examine Operational Auditing Efficiency in Audited Firms

Yahya Kamyabi, Maryam Salahinejad

Page No: 135-142                    
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Correlation between Mothers’ Emotional Intelligence and Behavioral Disorders in Preschool Students

Maryam Shamsy, Afsaneh Khajevand Khoshli, Javanshir Asadi

Page No: 143-147                    
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A Survey about the Critical Thinking Skills of Faculty Members of Hamedan University of Medical Sciences

Nasim Nobahar, Mahmoud Moradi, Mozafar Cheshmeh Sohrabi

Page No: 148-153                    
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Analysis of Underlying Conditions of Indication of Creativity in Librarians Based on Oldham Model (Case Study: Public Libraries of Kermanshah Province)

Maryam Kohzadi Tahneh, Ali Akbar Famil Rouhany, Faramarz Soheili

Page No: 154-159                    
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Investigating EFL Teachers’ Attitudes toward CLT

Mahroo Lashgari, Ferdos Jamali, Nouroddin Yousofi

Page No: 160-164                    
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The Structural Model of Academic Burnout Based on the Components Philosophical Mindedness in Female High School Students of Chalous City

Mahnaz Pour Jafari, Kamian Khazaei

Page No: 165-172                    
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Comparison of Laplace Decomposition method and Variational Iteration Method in Cubic Non-Linear Schrödinger Equation

Jamshad Ahmad, Faizan Hussain, Iffat Siddique, Muhammad Naeem

Page No: 173-179                    
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Self-Management Strategies Relationship with Job Retention Factors of the Physical Education Teachers

Samane Khomarbaghi, Leyla sabbaghianrad

Page No: 180-185                    
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The Relationship of the Emotional Intelligence and Self-esteem with Religious Attitudes among the Students

Azimesadat Fatemi, Mandana Sepanta, Nasrin Nosrati, Mohamad Khaledian

Page No: 186-192                    
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Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy on Reducing Worry and Anxiety in Depressed Females

Azam Alsadat Bani Hashem, AliAsghar Abbasi Asfajir, Afsaneh Khajevand Khoshli

Page No: 193-198                    
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