IJBSAR : 2013 Volume 2 issue 12

The Influence of Inferential Questions Versus Textually Explicit Questions on EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Test Performance at Different Proficiency Levels

Farahnaz Norouzi, Hamid Reza Haghverdii, Sajad Shafiee

Page No: 985-990                    
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Relationship between Export Diversification and Economic Growth

Mohammad Hassan Fotros, Morteza Nemati, Hadi Darabi

Page No: 991-995                    
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Several Modes for Assessment Efficiency Decision Making Unit in Data Envelopment Analysis with Integer Data

Balal Karemi, Ardeshir Bazrkar, Mahdi Eyni, Ali Abdali

Page No: 996-1001                    
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Application of Genetic and Bees Algorithms in the Design of Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls for Static and Pseudo-Dynamic Loadings

Mahin Karbasiravari, Ali Sanaeirad

Page No: 1002-1009                    
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Survey of Body Slope in Seepage from Homogeneous Earth Dams with Upstream Riprap

Roozbeh Riazi, Masoud Choramin, Khosro Shfiemotlaq, Mohammad Javad Nasr Esfahani

Page No: 1010-1014                    
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Advanced Control of A Single-Shaft Micro-Turbine Via Fuzzy Logic in DG Systems

M. Divandari, M. Khaleghi, M. Hashemi-Tilehnoee, M. Hosseinkhah, L. Pichkalov, M. Zanganeh

Page No: 1015-1022                    
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The Gricean Maxim of Quantity in Academic Texts: A Study of English and Persian Journal Articles Written by Both Native and Non-Native Speakers

Afsaneh Foroughi Abari, Ahmad Reza Lotfi

Page No: 1023-1029                    
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The Relationship between Physical Activity of Pregnant Women in the Last Three Months of Pregnancy and the Properties of the Neonate

Mojtaba Rajabi

Page No: 1030-1033                    
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The Effect of Eight Weeks of Whole Body Vibration Training on Body Composition and Adipose Tissue Localized in Overweight Women

Hojatollah Nikbakht , Sepideh Mirmostafaie, Farshad Ghazalian

Page No: 1034-1037                    
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Locating Sports Facilities in City of Talesh by Using AHP in the GIS Environment

Ghazaleh Akhtar, Mehrali Hematinezhad, Sardar Mohammadi, Mehdi Jafari Jolandan

Page No: 1038-1045                    
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