IJBSAR : 2013 Volume 2 issue 6

The Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Oxidative Stress in Elite Swimmers and Sedentaries and the Investigation of Pon1 Gene Polymorphism

Onder Daglioglu, Bilsen Sirmen, Ozgur Bostanci

Page No: 548-555                    
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Top Oil Temperature Prediction in Power Transformers Using Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization Method


Page No: 556-563                    
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An Efficient Multiple Models Based Predictive Control Approach with its Application to Mean Arterial Blood Pressure Process

A. H. Mazinan, H. Dadashzadeh-Asle

Page No: 564-568                    
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The Comparison of Bone Mineral Content (BMC) and Bone Area in Professional Water Polo Players and Non-Athletes

Abbas Malandish, Ahmad Ebrahimi-Atri, Amir RashidLamir

Page No: 569-573                    
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The Role of Sport in Leisure Time of Students in University of Tehran Dormitories

Bisotoon Azizi, Afshin Mahrofian, Edris Shirinnejad, Masood Piri, Khabat Shojaei

Page No: 574-582                    
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Comparing of Mental Toughness and Mental Health of Professional and Amateur Athletics

Hadi Gevorki, Ehsan Gevorki, Hossein Samadi

Page No: 583-588                    
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The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance of Faculty Members

Maryam Shemshadi Vayghan, Abolfazl Ghasemzadeh, Peyman Yar Mohammadzadeh

Page No: 589-593                    
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To Study the Relationship between Psychological Hardiness and Creativity with Studentís Self-esteem

Banafshe Hasanvand, Ali Reza Merati, Mohamad khaledian

Page No: 594-597                    
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The Relationship between Organizational Factors and Creativity and Innovation in Expertís of Sport and Youth Affair Ministry in I.R. Iran

Azizi Bisotoon, Karimi Ali, Mahrofian Afshin, Alipour Osman, Mehrabi Ali

Page No: 598-600                    
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A Comparative Study on Attachment Styles, Loneliness and Ruminations among University Students

Hadis Hoseiny, Mohsen Jadidi, Yar Ali Doosti

Page No: 601-607                    
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The Effect of Using Email on Enhancing Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners Grammar Proficiency

Abdolghafar Layegh, Behzad Pourgharib

Page No: 608-615                    
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The Effect of Synchronous and Asynchronous Script Presentation on Iranian EFL Learnersí Listening Comprehension

Hassan Soleimani, Sedigheh Vafaee

Page No: 616-622                    
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The Effect of Visual Instruction on New Vocabularies Learning

Mansoureh Hashemi, Behzad Pourgharib

Page No: 623-627                    
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Asymptotic Behavior of Eigenvalues in Sturm Liouville Boundary Value Problem in Boundary Points

Ali Khalil Quli Abad

Page No: 628-634                    
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The Effect of Free Float on Cost of Equity Capital in the Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Moslem Rostami, Driush Javid, Mahmoud Hematfar

Page No: 635-639                    
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Determining the Efficiency of Human Resources and Detecting its Influential Factors (Case Study: Samen Alaeme Credit Union of Golestan Province)

Moosareza Fendereski, Mehran Mokhtari, Ramezan Alizadeh

Page No: 640-645                    
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Survey of Characterization of Ultra-Site Links of Libraries Websites of Tehran Comprehensive Universities

Maryam Shamsaddin, Yaghob Nooruzi, Mohsen Hajizeinolabedini

Page No: 646-650                    
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Application of Upper Bound Limit Analysis for Calculation of Seismic Lateral Active Earth Pressure in the Conditions of Linear MC Criteria

Tohid Akhlaghi, Peyman Hamidi, Ali Nikkar

Page No: 651-656                    
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Investigation of Dynamic Response of Cantilever Retaining Walls Using FEM

Tohid Akhlaghi, Peyman Hamidi, Ali Nikkar

Page No: 657-663                    
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Relationship between the Earnings Forecast Error and the Returns of IPO

Omid Saeedi, Mansour Garkaz, Hosein Didehkhani

Page No: 664-668                    
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